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Whether you’re a celebrity, someone who works in education, a potential sponsor,  a parent, a carer, a student, or just someone who believes in the transformational impact of a good education, you can join our movement!

Together, we can support our educators and inspire a brighter future.

You can support us in these ways: 

  • Donate
  • Become a Trust Benefactor 
  • Corporate Sponsorship 
Value impact.
Recognise brilliance.

Help us celebrate the life-changing work that takes place in education every day across the UK. 

We want teaching and support staff across early years, schools and colleges to feel appreciated, celebrated and proud of the work they do and the difference they make.   

Over the last 25 years, we have: 

  • Celebrated 2600 teachers and their communities, showcasing their dedication and impact on students’ lives. 
  • We sent over 250k personalised Thank You cards to teachers and support staff.  
  • We have fostered a culture of respect, appreciation and collaboration with schools and their local areas. 
  • In 2023, we generated over 100 million media reach showcasing the fantastic work that took place in schools.  


Your donation would help us with our mission to continue:

  • Sending free digital Thank you cards to school staff across the UK. 
  • Hosting events including a prestigious Awards ceremony where we celebrate the years Silver and Gold Winners. 
  • Working with our media partners, national and regional press as a positive PR generator for educators, sharing positive teaching stories and showcasing the impact of teachers work through our dedicated platform. 
  • To positively impact whole communities by supporting the inspiring teachers and support staff at the heart of them 
  • To grow our ambassadors community in regions across the UK 


As a Trust Benefactor you would support our efforts to encourage more school communities to celebrate, and inspire more individuals to join the teaching profession.  

We ask our Trust Benefactors to consider long-term support as this is vital to the continuity of our campaigns and achieving our mission. 

If this is of interest, please email Mary Palmer, Teaching Awards Trust CEO


The Teaching Awards Trust is an independent charity and our work wouldn’t be possible without the support of our fantastic sponsors.

We have different packages available to sponsors and are happy to look at bespoke ways to bring the right support on board to grow our campaigns. 

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of the Teaching Awards Trust, and supporting either or both of our campaigns then contact our Fundraising and Corporate Partnerships Manager to find out more.

Thank You to our Sponsors  



We are grateful for the support of our educational partners, who share our vision of empowering and supporting the teaching profession to inspire a brighter future.  We believe its vital to work in partnership with all those who work in education to ensure our work has maximum impact and reach. 


We are proud to work with key celebrities and influencers to raise the profile of our campaigns. If you believe in the transformational impact of education.

By lending your voice and support, you can use your influential platform to inspire others to show gratitude and help elevate the teaching profession.

If you want to help us acknowledge the teaching profession and inspire a brighter future, let us know!

Becoming an inspirational teacher is a serious, admirable commitment. Outstanding teaching should be celebrated throughout society.
Sir Michael Morpurgo
Mrs Barnhard you have no idea what impact you had on little Bev who just thought life and what I wanted was just too far out of reach. You were the one who told me I could achieve it.
Beverley Knight MBE
He’s somebody that is very special to me, He actually loved being a teacher. It’s amazing what a teacher can do to somebody in their life.
Ian Wright OBE
They saw I had something special and pushed me to do something. They thought I had a talent. Without them I wouldn't be where I am.
Anna Friel
All teachers everywhere I send you my love...encouraging others, inspiring all the things you do… I just want you to know it is appreciated.
Stephen Fry
My journey began with a great teacher. Mrs Welding was the kind of teacher that made every lesson a pleasure.
Dame Helen Mirren
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