Nicole Reid

Nicole Reid is the Executive Principal of four high achieving local primary schools in Hackney, London.

Moving from Jamaica in her early twenties, Nicole has over twenty years of experience in education, working her way from class teacher to Executive Principal, spending some time at every rung of the ladder. Her passion for education as a life changing force may have been forged in Jamaica but Nicole has spent her career using it as a personal motivation to make successes out of the local schools she is responsible for, and which serve diverse communities with high proportions of disadvantaged pupils.

As well as her main Executive role she is a Local education Lead and has been coach and mentor for Heads and SLT teams within and outside of the Federation she runs. Much of her work has been involved with transforming schools identified by local and national government. She sits on the local authority Executive Headteacher Advisory Board, a vital bridge between strategic policy makers, schools and families.

With a particular passion for early language and reading for pleasure, Nicole is also the Strategic Lead for one of the thirty two English Hubs, financed by the DfE, supporting schools in the South East of England.

At the heart of Nicole’s career is the building of excellence in local education for diverse communities with a particular focus on pupils who have been impacted by poverty. Her uncompromising, hands on approach allied to a willingness to make hard decisions and a determination to hold people to account including herself and close colleagues has earnt her respect from many.

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