Candice Brown

“This is a wonderful initiative! Teachers are not just teaching children to count or to write. They are a trustee, a confidant, a nurse and a friend. They have gone the extra mile during the last year. Teachers and all school staff deserve a huge thank you! You can send a free e-card to a […]

Sarah Hadland

“I am delighted to be supporting the National Thank a Teacher campaign. I come from a big family of teachers and my Mum was a primary school teacher for 25 years. At theatre school, my Head teacher Miss Betty Laine singled out that comedy was probably my thing. I have her to thank for helping […]

Steph McGovern​

‘This is a great idea. Say thank you to an amazing teacher today. Anyone can thank an inspirational teacher, school leader or teaching assistant by sending them a free thank you e-card at #ThankATeacher” Television presenter Steph McGovern is best known for her work on BBC Breakfast, Shop Well for Less and Watchdog Live. […]

Adam Beales​

“Do you know an amazing teacher? Maybe they are someone you can trust or someone you can talk to if you’re feeling unhappy whilst things have been a bit different? Or maybe they’re just amazing all the time? If you have a really awesome teacher, please grab a grown up and thank them on” […]

Mehreen Baig​

Mehreen Baig is a former teacher and trailblazing broadcaster and writer, who is passionate about education and empowering young women. she has emerged as an influential voice across a range of topics including feminism, race and gender equality and faith. We are delighted to have her support as Patron of The Teaching Awards Trust. “I […]

Bobby Seagull​

We are delighted to have Bobby’s support as Patron of The Teaching Awards Trust. School maths teacher and Cambridge University Doctorate student. Bobby is a regular contributor to Radio Four’s Puzzle For Today and a columnist for the Financial Times. He is author of The Life-Changing Magic of Numbers and co-presenter of the podcast Maths […]

Alison Steadman OBE​

“A really good teacher can open up the world for you. Aged 15 I had two teachers, one was called Mildred Spencer, who was areal character, and a wonderful guy called Jim Wiggins. Both of them taught me so much, and when it was clear that I wanted to be an actress, I was a […]

Dame Sheila Hancock​

“There’s one (teacher) that sticks in my mind. One of the joys at my age is music – classical music, and there was a teacher called Miss Tudor-Craig who did musical appreciation. One day she played the Romeo and Juliet overture by Tchaikovsky and I was blown away.” Sheila’s extensive career spans theatre, radio, television […]

Pixie Lott​

“My teachers helped make my dreams come true and I really can’t thank them enough. I attended an Italia Conti Associate School from the age of 5 and my outstanding teachers gave me an excellent foundation and start to my career. In 2014, I opened a performing arts school with my sister Charlie-Ann and we […]

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