Candice Brown

“This is a wonderful initiative! Teachers are not just teaching children to count or to write. They are a trustee, a confidant, a nurse and a friend. They have gone the extra mile during the last year. Teachers and all school staff deserve a huge thank you! You can send a free e-card to a teacher at #ThankATeacher”

Candice Brown is the winner of The Great British Bake Off 2016. She is a regular columnist for The Sunday Times’ writing in the magazine and The Dish, has baked on This Morning and Christmas Kitchen and has appeared as a panelist on Loose Women. Candice was a secondary school teacher when she applied for the British Bake Off and managed to juggle planning her fabulous bakes and filming commitments with teaching lively teenagers. Candice’s first book, Comfort (Ebury Press) was released in July 2017.

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