Dame Helen Mirren​

Image by David Venni

‘As someone who had an extraordinary teacher, I am very pleased to support the National Thank a Teacher Campaign. My own journey began with a great English teacher – Mrs Welding. She revealed to me the power of literature and recognised my need to live in that world of imagination and poetry. She alone was the person who encouraged me to be an actor. When I met her some years ago, I thanked her and she said “I was just doing my job”. Mrs Welding died in 2014 at the age of 102 and I will be forever grateful for her encouragement. I know many people have benefited from an inspirational teacher. Let’s thank those great teachers who inspire.”

Helen Mirren is a revered, award-winning actress whose film and TV work includes ‘Prime Suspect,’ ‘Caligula,’ ‘Shadowboxer,’ ‘Elizabeth I’ and ‘The Queen.’


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